Dyslexia and Coloured Filter Service

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Change the background colour by clicking on the choices above. 

Aqua, blue, cream, green, grey and yellow are just a small sample to demonstrate the ways in which the colour of the page affects eye comfort while reading. 

You may find that some colours make it difficult for you to read and others make it easier.  This page is not an assessment tool, it is essential that people are assessed with a collection of colours designed to be representative of the colour spectrum. 

I always knew that something wasnt quite right, but I could never put my finger on it.  I could cope with the work, I had good ideas I was just so slow at reading and writing and my spelling was creative to say the least.  I spent my whole life covering up in those days kids with learning problems dug the school garden and I wasnt about to join them. I developed little tricks to cover up and Id be the first one to laugh at my latest gaff.   I couldnt keep up with copying from the boards.   It took me forever to finish homework so much re-reading to make sense of text books, copying out work to make it look neat and never being able to find words in the dictionary.  I avoided reading, doing the absolute bare minimum to get through. Reading for any length of time just made me sleepy.  I would rather have died than read out loud; the other kids would be rolling in the isles at my monotone misreading.  If we were reading in class Id pretend Id finished reading when everyone else did, even though I was less than half way through.   Sometimes Id panic and try to read so fast to keep up Id end up with no idea what it was about. Remarkably I did quite well at school, I even went to university but I always felt like a fraud. I had daily evidence that I was labouring over basic stuff my peers could do in the blink of an eye.  Needless to say my confidence was shaky, and I was petrified of failure - aim low was my motto. I found out about coloured overlays by chance and went for an assessment out of curiosity; I didnt really think it applied to me.  Everything fell into place and for the first time made sense.  The way that I see text is not how others see it; the text I see is squashed up, letters wiggle continuously, white lines dance through it, shadows form all around my point of focus I dont so much read as pick my way through.  Some colours make it worse (now I know why I have a horror of the Yellow Pages!)  I was prescribed an orange overlay and to me it is magic, I put it on the page and everything stays still and all those lovely spaces between words and lines make reading so easy.  Its never too late to change your life, and making sense of my problems changed mine totally, I have tinted glasses now and books have to be prized out of my hands, I love them!